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Because a good story deserves a good presentation

Weird science

Most presentations offer ‘room for improvement’. Makes sense. Even though presenting isn’t rocket-science, designing the perfect presentation to support your story isn’t easy either.

Crafting a clear storyline, a creative concept, graphic design, photos, videos, illustrations, animations… It’s not very hard to imagine most professionals don’t have the time nor the skills to create a great presentation. And guess what? You don’t have to!

From the heart

Enter Prezify. From the heart of the Netherlands, working from one of the most beautiful areas in the city of Utrecht, we’re focused full-time on presentation-design, training people on how to create better presentations, Prezi presentations… and we’re playing our fair share of .

The way we see it, creating a great presentation isn’t about mastering one skill, but it’s mostly about effectively combining multiple area’s of expertise.

Fully present

Keeping that in mind, something that once started as an general idea ‘to do something with Prezi’, has now grown into a fullservice presentation-training and design agency – in little over 5 years time.

We specialize in Prezi presentations, but provide a multitude of related services also. No matter the situation, we’re always able to offer you the perfect presentation: multinational or freelancer, longterm project or tight deadline – we’re ready.

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I’m the owner of Prezify, presentation-designer, presentation-coach and Prezi-trainer.
…and I never lose playing pong.