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A presentation created cooperating with RAAK, intended to be used by Advicent for their product-launch of Narrator. Narrator is a new tool created by Advicent which can be used to easily build financial applications. The presentation was used by the CEO of Advicent to launch the app during a large event.

We’ve based the presentation on a video-concept and storyline by RAAK, which we’ve translated into an eye catching Prezi format. Prezify was responsible for the creative concept of the presentation, the editing of the supporting visuals, designing the illustrations and the production of the presentation.

  • A desktop as the big picture
    A desktop, identical to the one used in the video, was used as 'Big Picture'
  • Supporting animations example
    Functional animations support the presentation
  • Storyline - start
    The introduction was literally presented as a 'storyline' ...
  • Storyline - end
    ... which forms the main thread during the first part of the Prezi
  • Creative statistics
    Creative statistics ...
  • Presentation images
    ... relevant images ...
  • Icon examples
    ... and custom icons were used as finishing touch
  • Inhouse style: colors and fonts
    Fully complacent with the Advicent inhouse-style: colors, fonts and more...
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“We’re very content about the professional service and the resulting presentation. The visual creativity shown in the Prezi, despite the short briefing, was remarkably strong. The direct line of communication, the fast iterations and welcoming of feedback resulted in a very pleasant cooperation.”

Rick van der Wal
Concept developer @ RAAK


A presentation that’ll stand out amongst other presentations. A dynamic, visual story that speaks to and will convince a skeptical, critical, professional audience. Suitable for presenting to a large crowd, with a clear storyline, but at the same time offering the presenter enough flexibility to tell ‘his story’.


Based on a videoconcept by ‘RAAK Online Beleving’, we’ve chosen to show the audience a helicopter view of a desk. The items on the desk are used to visualise the different ways the tool can be used: a multi-use toolbox. During the presentation, each highlighted item represents a different part of the presentation.


A ‘to the point’ Prezi presentation which was the perfect support for this productlaunch, thanks to a well thought-out storyline and tailormade visuals to support it. An eye catching presentation that was well received by the audience and put Narrator on the map in a clear, convincing manner.

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