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We’ve designed a dynamic Prezi presentation for the new domain extension .AMSTERDAM, mostly as support during (international) events. To promote http://geefmijmaar.amsterdam with nicely visualised facts on The Netherlands, why it’s a great domain-country and mostly why dotAmsterdam is such a great domain.

The presentation was designed to be fully inline with the campaign and style as developed by Buutvrij. Show, don’t tell. To make sure the presentation would be at it’s best everywhere, we’ve created a plug&plug video version of the Prezi to highlight why anyone from Amsterdam is lost without ‘dotAmsterdam’. So why isn’t your extension .AMSTERDAM?

  • dotAmsterdam campaign
    Lots of images from the campaign...
  • dotAmsterdam tone-of-voice
    ... with a typical 'Amsterdam tone-of-voice'
  • visualisation of domains in the Netherlands
    Many facts and figures about the Netherlands as a domain-country...
  • ... and examples of the dotAmsterdam domain ...
  • look and feel of the presentation
    ... presented in line with the campaign look and feel
  • Prezi animations were used to enhanced the dynamic feel of the presentation...
  • functional Prezi animations
    ... and to support the facts presented in a functional way
  • custom visuals illustrate facts
    Presented facts were supported and visualised by custom illustrations
Prezi presentatie ontwerp, Prezi video

“Prezify provided us with exactly the Prezi presentation we needed for an event in Argentina, despite the short timeframe. Martijn was responsive, pro-active and build from little input on our side the perfect presentation. It’s a shame he’s not from Amsterdam… ;-)”

Paul Molenaar
Directeur @ DotAmsterdam


Cool presentation to support various events. Communicate – based on facts – the benefits of the Netherlands as a domain-country and why dotAmsterdam is such a cool domain. Including info about sponsor SIDN and the campaign until now, and from here on out…


It goes without speaking we’ve chosen the ‘Amsterdam-tone’, set by Buutvrij in the rest of the campaign. This means short and simple, clear visuals, with lot’s of campaign images and a 3D visual of the map of Amsterdam background to enhance the dynamic look and feel.


Cool, playfull visuals and subtle Prezi-effects to draw attention to the clear, bitesize facts that tell the dotAmsterdam story. A smooth presentation to watch, a perfectly matching visual tone-of-voice and ideal to support a stand at large scale events – exactly like it was supposed to.

Prezi video placeholder visual tv


To optimize the Prezi for usage at large events, including a correct timing and support by the music from the campaignvideo, we’ve delivered the presentation as a video. Making it completely ‘plug-and-play’ for any situation, ideal for events like these.

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