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WINNER BEST BUSINESS PREZI 2015!Corporate presentation CEVA Logistics Maarssen – one of 950 CEVA locations. Made to be used during a meeting of Dutch site-managers, hosted by CEVA Maarssen. Join site-manager Joris van Hal on a virtual tour around the Maarssen-site – based on the real location. Explore the warehouse, take a look inside the offices and discover everything CEVA has to offer!

For this presentation, Prezify developed the concept, took care of graphic design and provided insights and support building the storyline.

  • Custom illustrations - building
    Custom build illustrations - based on the actual location!
  • Using functional Prezi animations we opened up the building for the tour
  • Isometric visuals
    3D visuals support the story - a playfull look, with a professional feel
  • Functional, creative, layered animations support the flow of the presentation
  • Custom fonts
    All text-based content was designed to fit nicely into the overall design
  • ... with lot's of room for images; also creatively adjusted to the Prezi
  • With some eyecatching Prezi animation effects as icing on the cake
  • Best Business Prezi 2015
    Awarded Best Business Prezi 2015 by Prezi.com!
Prezi design

Why we love it: This prezi is far more engaging than your average company onboarding presentation. Instead of running through bullet-pointed lists, this prezi takes viewers on a virtual tour of the CEVA Logistics’ office in Maarssen, NL—far more memorable than a text-heavy presentation.”

Judges Prezi Award 2015
Ambassadors/experts @ Prezi.com


An eyecatching presentation that’ll show the work of CEVA in a visually creative manner and illustrate what it is that makes the Maarssen site stand out. A dynamic, inspiring, and maybe even a little playfull, kickstart of the event – without losing sight of the professional message we want to communicate during the presentation.


A little taste of the visit that’ll take place later – based on the actual Maarssen location, the audience will be taken on a virtual tour of the CEVA-site. Exploring the warehouse, taking a look inside the offices and discovering everything CEVA has to offer; narrated by the site-manager and other people who work there.


A one-of-a-kind presentation, that truly offers the audience an immersive experience into the world of CEVA. And a Prezi that people will remember – which was not only evident from the enthusiastic feedback from everybody attending the event, but also from the fact that the presentation was awarded ‘Best Business Prezi 2015’!

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