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Buitenspeel is specialized in developing creative toys for children of all ages. Looking for the right form to communicate their vision to retailers and potential distributors and convince them to add the Buitenspeel products to their portfolio, they’ve chose to have Prezify design a professional Prezi presentation.

Developing this Prezi, Prezify offered support structuring the storyline and, working closely with Buitenspeel, created a creative concept highlighting the Buitenspeel products. Furthermore, Prezify was responsible for editing/optimizing productshots and the production of the presentation – within the guidelines set by the Buitenspeel inhouse-style and the envisioned look and feel.

  • Buitenspeel store shelves as big picture
    Shelves filled with Buitenspeel products provide structure for the Prezi ...
  • Product placement presentation
    ... creatively displayed ...
  • Action pictures Buitenspeel toys
    ... combined with action pictures to create a lively look and feel
  • Textual content
    Added 'short and sweet' texts enable users to view the Prezi standalone
  • Buitenspeel inhouse style example
    Following Buitenspeel inhouse-style guideline: fonts, colors, images and more...
  • Structured around four key topics - linked to four product-categories
  • Buitenspeel products
    Displaying products enhance the Prezi as a sales-presentation
Prezi presentation design

“We needed a corporate presentation on very short notice; lucky for us this wasn’t a problem at Prezify. We’re very happy with the fast work and their approach. Prezify translated our story into a clear, short and simple, visual story that fits our brand perfectly.”

Marcel Schagen
Owner @ Buitenspeel Inc.


Convince potential distributors why Buitenspeel is THE brand to add to their current product-portfolio. It’s important to display a recognizable look and feel by following the existing inhouse-style guidelines, with lot’s of room to showcase the various Buitenspeel products.

Key conditions for the presentation are clearly communicating the high-end Buitenspeel positioning and the high quality level of our products. Also, the Prezi should pay extra attention to our mission, vision and future goals.


Store shelves displaying Buitenspeel toys as big picture/overview – in which the steps taken in the Prezi are aligned with the productcategories Buitenspeel offers. On one hand to communicate these categories and connected products.. but also to provide the audience with a clean, visual storyline.

The presentation will pay special attention to productshots and action pictures to connect with the audience, make the Prezi visually more appealing and bring the content to life.


A clear Prezi presentation that vividly communicates the Buitenspeel mission, vision and ideas to any audience. Not only do they get to know Buitenspeel as a company, but at the same time, thanks to the many productshots, they familiarize themselves with the appearance and diversity of the Buitenspeel productline as well.

Which all boils down to an accessible sales-presentatie which is perfect as support for any meeting with retailers, (potential) distributors and other stakeholders.

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