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CGI Netherlands has taken part in the NDW Pilot Datafusion. Together with TU Delft, Accenture, HP, Grontmij, SAS and TomTom as ‘TeamONE’, they competed against to other teams in researching the most interesting applications for combining traffic data from mobile resources.

Prezify contributed to this presentation, which was held during a NDW symposium, with concept-development, designing the illustrations and the production of the Prezi. To enable easy sharing using Social Media, we’ve also created a of the presentation, in which many small animated extra’s were added as well.

  • Example of edited photos
    Customized photos increase recognizability
  • Prezi animations - to support the story and because it looks good
  • Custom illustrations
    Custom visuals to illustrate the presentation
  • With special fonts to bring it all together
  • Prezi big picture CGI
    A map of the researcharea as the Big Picture
  • TeamONE Pilot Datafusion logo's
    TeamONE NDW Pilot Datafusion


A clear presentation of the results of the Pilot Datafusion, to be used during a NDW symposium. Translate the most significant findings from TeamONE’s final report to a modern, to-the-point Prezi, with an accessible tone-of-voice, which will set itself aside from the other presentations; visually and substantively.


To increase recognizability and make the research results more applicable in general, we’ve chosen the research area as the foundation for the presentation. We’ve used Prezi animations to enhance the message and, combined with relevant (custom) illustrations, make for an innovative, attractive way to present the report.


The illustrations used in the Prezi, and the layered approach to the presentation create an easy to watch experience. Simulteously, they played an important, functional role explaining the concepts and implications of the research. A beautiful design, with a clear structure and functional use of Prezi animations: the perfect way to conclude a successful project.

Prezi video placeholder visual tv


A video version of the Prezi makes it easier to share on Social Media. And we’ve trown some extra special effects in the mix, that aren’t supported by Prezi, but easy to use in a video.

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