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Dit kan soms een momentje duren - geen zin in wachten? Bekijk alvast een paar screenshots uit de Prezi! We laten het weten wanneer we er klaar voor zijn...

For their new years greetings, the Departement of environment of the Province of Antwerp wanted to do something different. Instead of cards, they’ve chosen to send an e-card containing a link to a Prezi in which the most important activities from 2014 were highlighted.

The Prezi was delivered on a custom build, , where people could view and share the presentation. To reach a broad audience, we’ve also created a of the Prezi, to make it as accessible as possible; even for iPad/iPhone users.

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  • A picture as foundation for the Prezi
    A photo of the team was chosen as Big Picture and introduction...
  • Timeline structure
    ... and since it was a recap of 2014, a timeline was used for structure.
  • Inhouse style Antwerp
    Full compliant with their inhouse-style; the grid, colors, fonts and imagery.
  • The presentation was delivered using a custom build, interactive website...
  • Prezi iPad fallback
    ... including an accessible fallback for mobile users
  • Prezi e-card
    Contacts received the Prezi in the form of an e-card; made by Prezify as well
Prezi presentation

“The extensive proposal by Prezify demonstrated a thorough insight into our needs, great understanding of our inhouse-style and displayed their extensive experience with designing Prezi presentations. We weren’t let down – a 100% satisfied customer!”

Thalia Gijsbrechts
Province of Antwerp


Present the yearly report of 2014 in a multimedial, interactive and ready to use manner, with a nice design to draw attention to it.

Primary targetgroup: governments, non-profit organisations, companies and professionals active in the field of environment. But the Prezi should also be suitable for anyone involved with the province and environmental policy.


A timeline in which the most important activities were presented in a visual appealing manner. Fully compliant with the inhouse-style of the province of Antwerp. Within the presentation we’ve chosen to use lots of images and videos, accompanied by a short text to provide context. This way the content comes to life and it makes it easy do digest the information.


A clean, clear Prezi presentation, which can be seen using a tailormade, interactive website. We’ve added an extra navigation layer using the Prezi Player API, in order to make it accessible for as many people as possible. That’s why we’ve made a separate video for iPad and iPhone users, which can be viewed interactively as well. And judging from the added analytics; with great success!

Interactive Prezi website Province of Antwerp 2014Web visual laptop


A website with interactive menu’s triggered by the presentation to navigate. Using the Prezi Player API the website responded to actions in the Prezi, to add dynamic animations; giving the site a complete and integrated look and experience.

Including , social sharing links and analytics to measure the reach of the presentation.

Check out the site
Prezi video placeholder visual tv


Since it’s not possible to view a Prezi natively on iPads and iPhones, we’ve created a separate video that was presented to users when visiting the from a mobile device.

The target: make the presentation as easily accessible for as many people as possible (including interactive navigation for tablets). Mission accomplished!

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