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De Department of Spatial planning Amsterdam is tasked with the urban development of Amsterdam. After using a Prezi presentation for ‘WikicitY’, they’ve chosen Prezi once again to present their Strategic Plan for 2025.

For this Prezi we’ve provided the visual concept, designed and edited the illustrations and made sure they would be easily replaceable in the future – to guarantee a flexible, representative presentation suitable for any situation.

  • The map of Amsterdam as foundation
    The map of Amsterdam as Big Picture ...
  • A hexagon-grid provides structure
    ... build from hexagons to provide structure
  • Amsterdam city-maps
    Lot's of room to display city-maps
  • Videos to support the Prezi
  • Amsterdam photos
    Genuine Amsterdam photography - no stock was harmed for this Prezi


Illustrate the urban development in Amsterdam. Visualize successes and communicate the challenges. Use maps to highlight priorities and explain our ambitions in a convicing, visual manner. The format should fit the existing inhouse-style, offer room for maps, ‘talking-head’-videos and should be flexible enough to make it easy to update parts of the presentation.


A hexagon grid, together forming the boroughs relevant to the project. This way the separate elements of the presentation represented building blocks of the city, with an emphasis on showing challenges and solutions. We’ve chosen to use lot’s of maps to resonate with the intended audience, and photos from Amsterdam for convincing them – making the content recognizable and applicable to many people.


An interested Prezi with a nice finish. Expertvideos support the presentation and emphasize the importance of the current plans for the center, the city ring and outer city. The use of day to day pictures didn’t miss it’s intended effect, resulting in a convincing presentation that clearly communicates what investments are necessary.. and why.

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