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Cheese is an important department for FrieslandCampina. This cheese-Prezi serves as a sales presentation aimed at retailers. To sell FrieslandCampina products, but also to emphasize general benefits of cheese based on three key messages; ‘nutrient-richness’, ‘taste’ and ‘authenticity’.

Prezify was responsible for the concept of this Goodness of Cheese Prezi, custom-made the illustrations and produced the presentation. We’ve delivered it ready to use for presenting and we’ve published the Prezi on a , tailormade for the Prezi, where visitors are able to view a standalone version of the presentation.

  • Custom data-visualisation Prezi
    Data-visualisaton to help the audience understand the content...
  • Pictures in the presentation
    ... and cheese-product pictures to enhance the Prezi experience
  • Supporting animations support the dynamic look
  • Inhouse style FrieslandCampina
    In line with the inhouse-style: fonts, colors and the rounded corners...
  • Custom icons
    ... as well as custom icons and visuals, tailormade for the presentation
  • Interactive navigation
    Created for multiple use-cases; lineair as well as interactive ...
  • Screenshot interactive website
    ... published on an interactive website, including custom navigation and extra's


Sales presentation aimed at retailers, to be used as support for internal and external communication on cheese. The goal is to create a lively and interesting story, without compromising the reliability of the foundation of the presentation. The Prezi should be suitable for standard presenting situations and stand-alone usage.


An infographic style Prezi presentation to bring the Cheese facts to life, by using beautiful photography combined with custom illustrations. Presented in a clean way to enable users to quickly find what they’re looking for, without losing sight of the linear storyline that was developed for this Prezi.


An accessible presentation that’s enjoyable to ‘click-through’ for users to get their cheese facts straight. Custom visuals help digest and interpret the information fast and make it easy to remember them. The used photography and illustration, together with a clear FrieslandCampina inhouse-style make for a fresh and clean looking Prezi presentation.

Interactieve website Goodness of Cheese PreziWeb visual laptop


Interactive website with intergrated Prezi. Using the Prezi Player API we’ve developed a custom navigation menu to make the information in the Prezi as easy and userfriendly accessible as possible. Including download-option for the separate slides and the full presentation.

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