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GCP Central is a young company specializing in online- and blended Good Clinical Practice training. They use this presentation during pitches and when meeting new (potential) clients. The Prezi offers a clear view of their approach and services, using the personal tone-of-voice that suits the company.

For this presentation Prezify was responsible for the creative concept, designing the illustrations and producing the Prezi. We’ve also created a in line with the visual style of the presentation.

  • Presentation images
    Recognizable images enhance the presentation
  • Custom made illustrations
    Illustrations were tailormade for the Prezi
  • Videos support the storyline of the presentation
  • An image grid as foundation
    An image-grid a foundation for the Prezi, based on the existing inhouse-style
  • Storytelling tone-of-voice
    A personal tone-of-voice and informal style of storytelling used in the Prezi


Present the services and GCP Central approach in a clear and attractive manner. A dynamic presentation that stands out from the competition and offers enough room to showcase the product. A story that’s told in the young and personal tone-of-voice that’s typical for the company.


A journey of discovery on an inhouse-style based grid of images. With a playful font and handdrawn visuals for a slightly informal tone-of-voice, without being too casual. Short and simple textual content provides lot’s of space for the presenter to tell his or her own story.


The combination of photos and bespoke illustrations extend the presentation a unique appearance that’ll definitely stand out from the competition. The casual, informal character, the personal tone-of-voice and storytelling foundation combine into an accessible Prezi which will easily capture the attention of any audience.

Prezi video placeholder visual tv


To support the presentation, Prezify created a screencast of one of the GCP Central products. To show people what to expect and to illustrate the user interface. Show, don’t tell. To provide the Prezi with a consistent look, we’ve made sure to keep the style of the video in line with the presentation.

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