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Dit kan soms een momentje duren - geen zin in wachten? Bekijk alvast een paar screenshots uit de Prezi! We laten het weten wanneer we er klaar voor zijn...

H.E.L. Shooter is the ultimate real-life gaming-experience in the Netherlands. “The pain is real”; professional gear, experienced actors performing the storyline and Airsoft guns… providing an experience that feels as real as it gets. Which was exactly what the presentation was meant to convey at the ‘Up the Game’-conference.

To present H.E.L. Shooter in a suitable manner, Prezify took care of the complete presentation-process, creating an innovative, audio-visual Prezi presentation. Providing storyline-support, developing a creative visual concept, producing audio, video and visuals for the presentation… until it was completely pixelperfect and ready to impress!

  • HEL Shooter - Prezi style - Grid
    The recognizable website grid as foundation for the Prezi...
  • HEL Shooter - Prezi Big Picture - Grid
    ... extended! Custom build for all chapters of the presentation
  • 3D backgrounds, to accentuate the dynamic experience ...
  • ... complemented with subtle background-videos ...
  • ... and a less subtle 'action-video to start with and gain attention
  • HEL Shooter - Support icons: Johan Cruyff
    Custom icons support te storyline...
  • HEL Shooter - Support icons: Key steps
    ... and help visualising the content.
Prezi presentation design

“Martijn doesn’t just design very professional Prezis. His strength lies mostly in his ability to get to the core of a story or concept. His comprehensive intake enables him to get to the bottom of the story you want to tell and add an extra layer to a Prezi. He comes up with refreshing ideas and manages the design process in a clear, supporting way, without being pushy; resulting in the best possible outcome. A nice guy and great at what he does. I’m very impressed and would recommend Prezify to everyone looking for a professional (Prezi) presentation!!”

Marc Pollen
Owner @ H.E.L. Shooter


Mission: A dynamic, immersive, presentation for H.E.L. Shooter, the ultimate real-life airsoft gaming-experience in the Netherlands – to be presented at the ‘Up The Game’-conference: the first international Escape Room & Real Life Gaming Conference.

Develop a visually strong Prezi to communicate what H.E.L. has to offer and to share our experiences.


Execution: An audio-visual Prezi presentation based on the current in-house style with a clear link to existing communication; immersing the audience deep in the H.E.L. Shooter experience.

A presentation that offers the presenter room to tell his story and offers the audience a visual experience.


Accomplished: A Prezi that definitely left an impression – not only by communicating the H.E.L. Shooter vision and their experiences, but also by immersing the audience in the world of H.E.L.

A job well done; many (international) connections were made based on the presentation – to be continued…

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