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First frame Prezi presentation Elektrotechnique 2015 event at Jaarbeurs Utrecht.

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The Jaarbeurs Utrecht is a popular venue for large scale events – like the yearly organized Electrotechnique event. To promote the event, Jaarbeurs Utrecht chose to use Prezi – targeted at potential participants, meant to show them what to expect from ELT 2015 and convince them on why they should attend.

For this event, Prezify conceptualized a Prezi based on the current ELT inhouse-style. A storyline for the Prezi was created in cooperation with Jaarbeurs Utrecht, which formed the basis for a creative design. Prezify was also responsible for producing the Prezi and a video-version of the presentation – both including backgroundmusic to set the tone for the event in the most multimedial way possible.

  • Data-visualisation Elektrotechnique 2015 research-results
    Custom data-visualisations - based on the ELT inhouse-style and Prezi styling
  • A picture impression from previous editions show people what to expect...
  • Inhouse-style Jaarbeurs example
    The Prezi was developed based on the inhouse-style of ELT 365
  • Subtle 'special-effects', like this video', ensure people stay interested
  • Existing campaign materials
    The use of existing campaign materials support recognizability...
  • Elektrotechnique 2015 illustrations
    ... just like the Electrotechnique 2015 illustrations - a waste not to use!
  • Subtle 3D effects enhance the dynamic look and feel
  • 3D renders
    ... and nicely complement the existing 3D renders
  • Room for textual content in the Prezi
    Since it was primarily meant as standalone 'brochure': lots of textual content
Prezi Design, Prezi Video

“We’ve had a very positive experience working with Prezify. Before designing the presentation, they made sure the goal, message and target-audience were completely clear – ensuring the resulting Prezi would accomplish our set goals. And it made for a smooth design-process as well – with lots of updates about the progress and oppertunities to provide feedback. It allowed us to evaluate the course followed and adjust where necessary, without endangering the agreed schedule. Resulting in a solid, goodlooking Prezi presentation, especially considering the shortterm deadline. A job well done!”

Esther Steenbergen
Campaign manager @ Jaarbeurs Utrecht


An inspiring presentation to inform potential participants about the possibilities of Electrotechnique ’15, highlight the advantages of participating and keep them up to date.

The primary objective is creating a positive attitude towards the event. And it’s important the presentation can easily be shared on Social Media (including YouTube).


A visual storyline based on the ELT 2015 logo, taking the audience on a journey past an impression of previous editions, the results of visitor-research, the vision and the team of the organisation.

Highlighting the schedule and the various options available to participants using lots of images and examples, fully compliant with the inhouse-style.


A presentation that takes viewers on a journey into the world of ELT 2015, showing them why they too should participate – supported by a nice tune in the background, clean visuals and a clear storyline.

Combined with some nice, subtle 3D effects and creative illustrations, it’s the perfect presentation to enthuse potential participant for ELT 2015, Jaarbeurs Utrecht!

Prezi video placeholder visual tv


To make sure the presentation would be easily shareable and accessible for every user at any time in all situations, we’ve decided to not only design an interactive Prezi presentation, but to create a video version of the presentation as well.

The video can be used as a nice addition to the online possibilities Prezi has to offer. In addition to other social media, a video-version makes it easy to share the presentation on social networks like Vimeo and Youtube too, contributing to reaching as many people as possible.

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