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Mobility Service Nederland is an innovative leasing company aimed at small businesses. They use this presentation to show potential clients what services they provide, communicate the advantages of leasing and their experience. Better said; why leasing at MSN means leasing with a smile.

To support the story of Mobility Service, Prezify developed a creative visual concept, helped building the storyline, took care of the design and production of the presentation. Resulting in a pixelperfect Prezi presentation – ready to present… and to share online.

  • Mobility Service - Prezi Big Picture
    A grid, made from images, forms the foundation for the Prezi ...
  • Mobility Service - Main grid
    ... it's at the core of the presentation structure ...
  • Mobility Service - Grid detail
    ... and is present throughout the complete Prezi
  • Mobility Service - custom icons
    Supported by custom icons ...
  • ... and quotes from customers; why not let others do the talking?
  • Mobility Service - Creative bullets
    We don't mind bullets... but we like to give them a twist!
  • Mobility Service - Inhouse-style
    Obviously designed in line with the in-house style...
  • Mobility Service - Tone-of-Voice
    ... including the informal tone-of-voice
Prezi design

“It’s something you’re probably familiar with; many different versions of Powerpoint presentations just floating around the company… Being the new marketingmanager for Mobility Service Nederland, I wanted to streamline our corporate presentation. As a company with many digital ambitions, I went out looking for the modern, innovative presentation to match our ambitions. I found Prezify on Google; I had no experience with them beforehand, but after a first meeting at their office in Utrecht I felt we were a match.

Looking back I can only say our collaboration was a very pleasant experience. Prezify sent a comprehensive, clear offer beforehand, including planning that fit our tight timeline perfectly. And they delivered without having to ask over and over, as is the case with many other suppliers; Martijn was pro-active and completed milestones as agreed. Right from the start we found a visual direction that fit our briefing and made us happy. And it looked beautiful. After deciding on the the concept Martijn went ahead with the production of the Prezi, during which he offered many ideas to improve our presentation – and the result is amazing!

The final Prezi turned out beautiful; our accountmanagers are happy and even more important: we receive a lot of positive feedback from our customers. And in case I have a request, Prezify responds quickly with an update that’s always above expectations. In other words: I highly recommend Prezify!”

Hilda Boerma
Digital Marketingmanager @ Mobility Service Nederland


A clear, creative presentation to communicate who we are, who our customers are, the advantages of leasing at Mobility Service and the services we offer our clients. Flexible and easy to use, in line with the in-house style (both visually and tone-of-voice) and, mostly, a presentation with a clear, convincing storyline to show the audience wat we’re all about.


A grid made from key-visuals, relevant to the services Mobility Service has to offer, to provide a clear structure for the storyline. Offering the presenter an easy way to switch between chapters, enabling him to easily adjust to the needs of the audience. Designed in a way that supports a visual style of storytelling and offering the room needed to tell the story in your own words.


A clear, flexible Prezi presentation, suitable to use in many different situations. And based on the enthusiastic response from both the accountmanagers as well as the clients – the presentation does exactly what it was meant to do; support the story of Mobility Service, without getting in the way of telling it freely. It perfectly shows why leasing at MSN means leasing with a smile!

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