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Natuur & Milieu (Nature & Environment) is one of 95 charities supported by the Postcode Loterij (Dutch lottery). An important partner to them, so therefore important to present the achieved milestones and future vision in a clear and attractive manner during the evaluation meeting that takes place every five years. So, naturally, Natuur & Milieu chose Prezi for the job.

For this presentation Prezify came up with the concept and offered support developing and visualizing the storyline. Many of the illustrations are tailormade, in line with their inhouse style and desired tone-of-voice. As usual we delivered the Prezi fully ready to present – with a bang!

  • Playful scene as big picture
    A playful scene with lots to see as big picture for the Prezi
  • Custom illustrations
    Custom illustrations support the story... a nice, easy-going tone-of-voice
  • Natuur & Milieu inhouse style
    An accessible visual style, with recognizable inhouse-style elements
  • Campaign images
    Real campaign images adjusted to perfectly fit the Prezi-styling
  • Creative, eye-catching visuals
    Eye-catching illustrations to visualize the content ...
  • Informal, creative tone-of-voice
    ... using the desired informal, creative tone-of-voice ...
  • ... which is no different for all data-visualisations and bulletpoints


A clean-looking, clear presentation to support and amplify an evaluation meeting that’s very important to the organization. Translate the content of the extensive evaluation-document into a short and sweet Prezi.

Although the content of the document has a very formal tone, the presentation shouldn’t be: visually communicate the content in the energetic, enthusiastic style that suits the organisation – an attractive Prezi presentation… with a bang!


A playfully design roadmap, describing where we came from, where we are right now and visualizing our vision for the future. Serious content translated to a friendly, informal tone-of-voice to support the message as clear and accessible as possible.

Based on clearly recognizable inhouse style elements, using a scenic storyline supported by creative illustrations that’ll speak to the audience’s imagination.


Definitely a Prezi that left an impression. Using functional, supporting animations and attention-grabbing visuals, we’ve managed to communicate the content of the evaluation-report in a fun, and very relevant manner. The informal tone-of-voice and eye-catching visuals resulted in a catchy Prezi presentation that won’t be forgotten soon.

And not without merit – the partnership will be prolonged for the years to come: mission accomplished!

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