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The Dutch Institute of Pyschologists represents 13,000 psychologists in the Netherlands. Active throughout the country, based in the ‘Home of Psychology’ located in Utrecht. The Prezi was created to give new members a chance to get to know the organization and its benefits.

Prezify was responsible for the creative concept, offered support crafting the storyline and took care of graphic design. And we’ve recorded several to accompany the Prezi.

  • Big picture - the home of psychology
    Big picture: The home of psychology
  • How to use this prezi
    A warm welcome and short introduction on how to use the presentation
  • Prezi animations
    "Please enter" - we'll give you the tour.
  • Icons to indicated voice-overs
    Icons were used as hints for the various voice-overs embedded in the Prezi
  • Presentation structure
    The presentation was structure the same way the organization is.
  • Look inside the building
    Take a look inside the Home of Psychology!
Prezi presentation

“Our collaboration with Prezify was very successful. Thanks to their flexibility we were able to fully focus on the content of the Prezi, and even make a few last-minute adjustments. We’re very happy with the resulting presentation: we’ve already received many positive reactions from our members.”

Arjen Konijnenberg
Head of Communication @ Dutch Institute of Psychologists


Give the new members of the institute a warm welcome and show them around in the organization. A modern, dynamic look, in line with the inhouse-style. Aside from a short introduction of the organization and what it has to offer, also include a birdseye view of the resources available and where members can turn to with questions.


A virtual tour of the Home of Psychology. A custom made illustration, based on the actual building, forms a solid foundation for the Prezi and visualizes how the institute is organized. The short voice-over fragments and the ‘opening doors’ animation makes the Prezi a personal, accessible experience.


A great presentation to show the most important aspects of a complex organization. A functional structure, with lots of links to external information. The perfect way to offer new members a warm welcome into the organization – if we may believe the positive feedback we’ve received from the members!

Voice-over visual microphone and ipad


We’ve recorded Voice-overs from different employees, including the director and chairman of the organization, to emphasize the personal and accessible nature of the institute. We’ve recorded the audio inhouse (Dutch), edited them and embedded them in the Prezi to make sure they start at the right time.

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