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Dit kan soms een momentje duren - geen zin in wachten? Bekijk alvast een paar screenshots uit de Prezi! We laten het weten wanneer we er klaar voor zijn...

The ReinierHaga Group consists of the Reinier de Graaf, the HagaHospital and the LangeLand Hospital – collaborating hospitals from the The Hague region with a combined yearly report. To make the report as accessible as possible for a large, diverse audience, they’ve chosen to present it as an interactive Prezi presentation.

Together with their advertising agency Teldesign, Prezify developed a creative concept for the report, allowing it to be presented and shared online to a broad audience. Prezify also offered storyline support, created the visuals and produced the presentation. And to top it all off, we’ve made a separate of the Prezi; to ensure maximum ease of use in many different situations.

  • ReinierHaga - 'get-well' cards
    A wall filled with 'get-well'-cards as Big Picture
  • ReinierHaga - three in-house styles
    Reinier de Graaf, Haga, LangeLand: three different styles within one Prezi...
  • ReinierHaga - in-house style HagaHospital
    ... in-house style HagaHospital ...
  • ReinierHaga - in-house style Reinier de Graaf
    ... in-house style Reinier de Graaf ...
  • ReinierHaga - in-house style LangeLand
    ... and the in-house style of the LangeLand Hospital
  • Video and animations to support each part of the presentation
  • ReinierHaga - custom datavisualisation
    Custom datavisualisations, customized to fit the style for each hospital
Prezi design

“Prezify provided the ReinierHaga Group (Reinier de Graaf – Delft, HagaHospital – Den Haag, LangeLand Hospital – Zoetermeer) with a Prezi to present our yearly report 2015. A challenging project; communicating with three different hospitals and a lot of content that needed to be presented as compact and clear as possible. Prezify designed the Prezi with a lot of effort and knowhow. Collaborating with Prezify was a nice experience for us, with an amazing Prezi as a result!”

Richard Pflug
Senior communicationadvisor @ HagaHospital


An accessible presentation to present the yearly report of the ReinierHaga Group in a clear, easy to understand and visual manner. An interactive Prezi that incorporate the different in-house styles of the hospitals in a natural way.


A wall filled with ‘get-well’ cards, where the cards connected to each hospital are designed in line with the relevant in-house style and are grouped to enable easy interactivity. Slightly playful animations, videos and ‘stacking’ of cards provide an accessible look and feel and make it a fun to watch Prezi.


A nice and easy ‘clickable’, interactive Prezi presentation to communicate the content of the yearly report in a clear manner. And, judging from the positive feedback, the visual, short-and-simple style do exactly as intented: offering the right balance, perfectly suited for a diverse audience.

ReinierHaga - Interactive PDF-handout Prezi


Viewing a Prezi online is great; but sometimes it just isn’t possible. Maybe you just prefer to print a presentation instead of watching it online. Or maybe you’ll want to download the presentation to your tablet or phone and look at it offline?

To make sure the presentation can be viewed where- and whenever, we’ve chosen to create an interactive PDF-version to go with the Prezi. Obviously we’d still prefer to watch the Prezi… But in case this isn’t an option or you’d prefer watching the presentation in a different manner, this interactive PDF provides you with the perfect alternative!

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