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Dit kan soms een momentje duren - geen zin in wachten? Bekijk alvast een paar screenshots uit de Prezi! We laten het weten wanneer we er klaar voor zijn...

zZeker is a new factoringplatform aimed at freelancers. The initiative of factoring organization SVEA Finans offers freelancers an easy way to have their invoices paid within 24 hours. The Prezi was used for pitches to entice large scale companies to integrate the product into existing invoicing systems.

Prezify is responsible for the creative concept, graphic design and we’ve made several different versions of the presentation to use in varying occasions – ready-to-present!

  • Inhouse-styles zZeker and SVEA Finans
    To different (inhouse)-styles represent different parts of the presentation
  • Custom icons
    The Prezi was illustrated using custom made icons and illustrations
  • A map of SVEA locations Europe
    A map of Europe, with flags representing SVEA locations.
  • Creative bullets
    No dull bulletpoints, but creative visuals that support the story.
  • Prezi animations showcase the app
    Prezi animations were used to showcase the zZeker app and its possibilities
  • Presentation images
    Lively images and visuals to complete the presentation-experience


A dynamic presentation that communicates the advantages of the app in a convincing manner, with lot’s of room to display images. Based on an existing presentation, highlighting the SVEA Finans background, why zZeker was created and displaying the possibilities the app has to offer.


To emphasize the international character of SVEA Finans, we’ve chosen to use a map of Europe as Big Picture for the Prezi. A clean looking visual style, including lots of screenshots from the product, accompanied by custom illustrations. Providing the presenter with enough space to tell his story, in line with existing media.


Different colorschemes clearly mark the two chapters in the presentation. Using animations and a few small gimmicks, we’ve given the Prezi a casual tone-of-voice, while making sure we didn’t lose the professional look-and-feel. A style that suits the product and fits the presenter like a glove.

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