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The Prezi Awards submission by Prezify was crowned ‘Best Business Prezi’
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We’re proud of the many companies we’ve supported designing their presentations these past few years

Creative bureaus: reclame, communicatie, advies en consultancy
Scholen, onderwijsinstellingen en andere opleiders
Ministeries, provincies, gemeenten en politie
Zorginstellingen, ziekenhuizen en medische onderzoeksbureaus
Midden- en grootbedrijf
Non-profit organisaties en verenigingen
ZZP en kleinbedrijf

ABN Amro Bank

Series of presentations to support Board of Directors during a reorganization


Vision and strategy Prezi for Client Contact Service Center-employees


Launch of new product Narrator by the CEO of Advicent (via RAAK)

Akzo Nobel

Prezi template used to share knowledge during worldwide training


Multiple Prezi's to provide insight into Almere's environmental planning

Amnesty International

Support presentation for training related to member- and fundraising


Overview of environmental planning for the city of Amsterdam 2025


Inform members about organisational changes within the association

Province of Antwerp

Interactive New Year's wishes and activities sent to contacts of the province

Arval BNP Paribas

Interactive evaluation of the yearly figures and company targets

AT Booking

Commercial presentation and overview of artist-portfolio

Axioma Communication

Research results for NDW's Datafusion project by CGI Netherlands


Clarification of the munici-pality's vision and strategy for the years to come


Salespresentation corporate lease-contracts / b2b company presentation

Bovemij Insurance

Quarterly presentations, yearly figures and a Prezi by the director at BOVAG-event

Broklede School

Multiple presentations used during open house and parent-teacher conferences


Multiple, visual policy-presentations and projectevaluations in Prezi


Sales presentation aimed at retailers, distributors and other partners

Foreign Affairs

General ministry Prezi and a pitch related to an important EU-nomination

CEVA Logistics

Multiple versions of their corporate Prezi aimed at different targetgroups


Research results for NDW's Datafusion project (in collaboration with Axioma)

CPS Education

Multi-use template to present education-related research results

Dorp, Stad en Land

Corporate presentation - organization activities presented visually


Interactive presentations of medical research results and pitches


Internal brandtraining, used during the onboarding of new employees


Company presentation for the different organizational departments


Infographic to illustrate the introduction of the enterprise dossiers


Salespresentation retailers, yearly figures, marketing-vision Board of Directors

GCP Central

Pitch e-Learning system for academic hospitals, including video-demo

Groen & Kool

Commercial presentation of side-activities of RTL 4 tv-presenter Keet!

Haga Hospital

Interactive Prezi yearly report 2015; to view stand-alone, including interactive PDF

H.E.L. Shooter

Event presentation real life gaming concept during the 'Up The Game'-conference

Horizon College

Education vision and service-overview university of applied sciences

Uni App. Sc. Utrecht

Multi-use Prezi template for open houses and general promotion


Interactive iPad salespresentation: available at the Apple Appstore

Home Affairs

Pressconference national media by the director of Immigration

ING Bank

Internal Board of Directors presentation worldwide marketingstrategy

Innovative Partners

Productpresentation and pitch, multipurpose sales Prezi - vision and approach

Jaarbeurs Utrecht

Event announcement / promotion yearly electrical engineering fair

Jasmine Universe

Product pitch Prezi for a USA-based smart-home start-up

JMC Talent for Care

Presentation template training course talented medical students


Internal brandtraining, used during the onboarding of new employees

LangeLand Hospital

Interactive Prezi yearly report 2015; to view stand-alone, including interactive PDF


Commercial presentation / branding Queens Fish, including Voice-Over


Internal presentation evaluating a longterm consultancy project


Userfriendly corporate Prezi template in accordance with the inhouse-style


Bird's-eye view of medical services, their vision on care and subsidy

Min. of Infrastructure

Interactive, internal Prezi: guidelines for ICT usage and how to contact support

Mixe Healthcare

Explanation of repositioning, branding and accompanying roadmap

Mobility Service

Corporate / sales presentation carlease-contracts for (small) businesses


General meeting of Rabobank Amsterdam about their role in society


Flexible corporate Prezi template to support the salesdepartement pitches

Nature & Environment

Evaluation of an important partnership; what we've accomplished and our vision

Nic. Oud

Multiple presentations for speakers during an event organized by Nic. Oud

NL Inst. Psychologists

Interactive, online introduction welcoming new members - with Voice-Over


Interal evaluation of province policy past years and a vision for the future

O2 Communication

Multiple Prezi presentations for PON and underlying carbrands


Interactive tool to help achieve societal changes - published on custom site


Digital strategy and developments, presented to the chief constable


Presentations for the parent company and their carbrands (via o2-comm)


A new way of learning: the knowledge organization and sharing knowledge

.Amsterdam domain

International event-presentation to promote the new .AMSTERDAM-domain


Commercial presentation Queens Fish, plus Voice-Over (via Lukkien)


Launch of new product Narrator by the CEO of Advicent at tech-event


Evaluation of clientservices efficiency, including process description

Judicial system

Introduction of the Dutch Judicial System aimed at an international audience

Reinier de Graaf

Interactive Prezi yearly report 2015; to view stand-alone, including interactive PDF

Reinier Haga Group

Interactive Prezi yearly report 2015; to view stand-alone, including interactive PDF


Commercial presentation of RTL 4 tv-presenter Keet! activities (via Groen&Kool)


Flexible company pres, suitable for presenting to a multitude of audiences


Internal 3D presentation: a vision of the role of Siemens Healthcare in healthcare


Hiring a mediator; what are the benefits? For whom? Why? And when?

SVEA Finans

Demonstration and pitch of new factoring-platform zZeker


Promotional presentation courses offered by School for Presentationcoaching


Introducing a new certi-fication for organic teas - including Voice-Over/video

UMC Utrecht

Flexible corporate presen-tation, mostly used at international events

Utrecht University

Prezi alumni-organisation UU: for interactive usage ánd lineair storytelling


Marketingstrategy - presented at international Vapiano marketingevent


General agency Prezi and multiple presentations for client projects

Dutch Municipalities

Policy evaluation, current initiatives visualisation and vision foundation

Yellow Fellow

Pitch to nominate Brabantstad as Cultural Capital Europe 2018


Flexible template to support and evaluate municipal policy


Demonstration and pitch of new factoring-platform zZeker

Advertising agencies Multinationals Enterprises Small business Government Medical Education Non-profit

Prezi presentation-design

Looking for a comprehensive corporate presentation, convincing sales-presentation, or do you want to impress your audience with a professional Prezi finishing up a successful project, presenting at an important event or in any other situation? We’re here to help!


Designing a great presentation isn’t a easy as 1-2-3… That’s why we follow these 5 steps.


We think it’s important to understand each other, before we start. So we’ll discuss the objective of the presentation: what do you wish to communicate? To whom? Where will the presentation take place? We’ll also explore different visual styles: which look & feel is best for your situation?


Based on our first exploration, you’ll receive a proposal for the presentation. We’ll describe various solutions, their pros & cons and the solution we feel is best suited for your situation. We’ll also suggest an inspiring kickstarter for the visual style, illustrate some our ideas and we’ll obviously include a quote and preliminary timeline as well.


Then, we’ll lay the foundation for the presentation: we’ll translate the proposal into a graphic concept, design key visuals and incorporate the main storyline into the presentation. We’ll also support you crafting a solid storyline (when needed), help you formulate the wording and we’ll closely look at the best way to visualize the content.


Next, we’ll review the concept-presentation. We’ll improve the current concept based on the first feedback and add the remaining content. Which translates to designing visuals, selecting, editing and optimizing photos and videos, visualizing data and insert it all into the Prezi – which is almost ready to present in this fase.


Almost? Yes. There are still some i’s to be dotted and some t’s to be crossed. We’ll review the presentation during one or more feedback meetings until it’s truly ready for presenting. We make sure the structure is clear, the content comprehensible, we’ll pay extra attention to spelling and/or grammar erros and we’ll polish the Prezi until every pixel is where it’s supposed to be.


Reach a broader audience, create extra ways to use your Prezi and increase it’s impact with our presentation-addons.

Prezi add-on web visual

Prezi WebWrap

Your Prezi deserves a special, bespoke home on the web. That’s what our Prezi WebWrap is all about. Share a customized webpage with your audience, where they can view the Prezi, download extra’s or read further information… and more! We use the Prezi Player API to achieve even more interactivity, custom navigation options and sleek animations.

Perfect as an interactive hand-out or online resource. Or share it internally with colleagues (optionally password protected).

Prezi add-on voice-over visual

Prezi VoiceOver

Use our Prezi VoiceOver service to enhance your presentations’ stand-alone experience. With the VoiceOver service, each step that requires some additional information gets an audio fragment linked to it. This way your audience can click through the presentation on their own, without missing any content.

Record your own VoiceOver, for a personal touch. Or have a professional voice-actor record it for you, to get that professional tone-of-voice.

Prezi add-on video visual

Prezi VideoPres

Make your presentation even more flexible with our Prezi VideoPres service. We’ll transform your Prezi into a video with added animations and (timed) background-music. Videos will work out of the box on any device, so when you don’t want to ask your audience to download an app – this just might be the perfect companion for your Prezi.

The perfect plug-and-play partner of your Prezi presentation. Easy to share on all devices and superb in combination with a !

Prezi add-on voice-over visual

Prezi HandOut

The only way to truly inspire your audience is a convincing story. But it’ll help if you have a hand-out ready after your presentation with a recap of what you’ve told. It gives people a chance to review the most important points you’ve made, optionally supplemented with further information or relevant figures. Make sure your message stays top of mind, long after the presentation is concluded.

A hand-out you’ll be proud to share. Not a ‘summary of slides’, but a document to be proud of. Well-thought out and the same visual style as your Prezi.