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Everyone can learn how to present with Prezi

Learning Prezi = DOING Prezi ( in our opinion ) Which is why our courses are hands-on; you’ll start working on your Prezi right from the start.

Incompany Prezi courses Learn how to do the Prezi at your own office, adjusted to your company’s needs and requests.

Not just the technique, but true Prezi skills

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Prezi course basic

The way we see it, learning Prezi is about DOING. That’s why we’ve kept our courses as hands-on as possible. You’ll learn all the theory and technique needed to create dynamic Prezi presentations… Just getting started? You’ll use your newly acquired skills right away and create your very own first Prezi!

You’ll discover everything Prezi has to offer – the advantages, the limitations, the pitfalls (and how to avoid them) and mostly the possibilities. With lots of tips and tricks to design better Prezis, faster. Obviously illustrated by many inspiring Prezi examples.


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Incompany Prezi training

You’ll learn the same basic skills as you would in during a regular training. But for incompany Prezi courses, we’ll apply them to your unique situation. And it’s possible to extend the training with extra services: during as well as after the Prezi training!

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Winner Prezi Award

The Prezi Awards submission by Prezify was crowned ‘Best Business Prezi’
– and that’s something we’re very proud of: thank you voters!

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Learn Prezi at your own pace. We’ll make sure there’s always enough time to answer any questions you might have – during AND after the course. We’ll see to it you’ll learn everything you’ll need for presenting with Prezi.


We don’t believe in teaching ‘what-button-does-what’. Obviously the buttons are an important foundation, but we like to take our courses a step further: so you’ll also learn how to avoid common pitfalls and the most effective ways to use Prezi for your presentations.


We believe the best way to learn Prezi is by doing. That’s why our courses are always as hands-on as possible; you’ll be working on your own Prezi right from the start, based on real-life presentation examples.